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About Us

    ANG Textile produces fabrics from all industrial fiber types in all wieves, textures, effects and hand feel, as well as ready to wear from these fabrics in every technique available.


    Our goal is to develop exact prototypes  of the styles the designers create in their minds, and than produce it in the required quality levels after it turns in to an order.


    We are specialized in pigment, superoxide, antique, direct, oily coloring, effect washing and batik painting besides the production made with conventional dye fabrics.

 Our fabrics are produced with the knowhow of ang textile engineers at partner companies.


     Fabrics produced are only allowed to be cut after 100% inspection.  Cut pieces, are reinspected after each process such as , printing, embroidery, and stone embedding and during the garment making. Finished products are only approved for shipment after a final 100% quality control. 

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